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Indulge in fresh $1 oysters along with your seafood boil experience.

Limited stock available. 

Available Every Tuesday & Friday

SFM - America Meets Asia Chef's Special Blog Website Preview.png

Seafood Master Bankstown is proud to present our Chef's Special, showcasing a variety of exciting new dishes that embrace the flavors of Asia

America meets Asia
Available until 03/03/2024

  • Grilled Salted Chilli King Prawns

  • Grilled Five Spicy Sate Chicken

  • Fried Barramundi Whole Fish

  • Grilled Salted Chilli Squid

* Enjoy 10% off on our Chef's Special!

In celebration of the Christmas Festive season, we are adding a twist to your dining experience!

Seafood Master cocktail drinks, mohjito, watermelon cooler ice

Why be happy for just an hour when you can celebrate with our House Special $8 cocktails everyday between 5PM-7PM.

Available Everyday Between 5PM - 7PM

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